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Lukather's Trove 🕹
It’s almost holiday time! (at least for me). This will be the last issue until September so. Enjoy!

In the last two months, I had the chance to play solely with my Steam Deck. I can confirm that is the best spending of the years (at least on video games).
In the last few days, we had a huge amount of game releases. Let’s see some of them.
SokoChess is a minimalistic puzzle game about pushing chess pieces
Backpack Hero
Backpack Hero
Backpack Hero - The inventory management roguelike. Collect rare items, organize your bag, and vanquish your foes
Neon Circle
Neon Circle
Neon Circle is a puzzle game where you rotate, think, wait, jump and rotate again.
More Games!
Farthest Frontier
Dream Cycle
Last Night of Winter
Super Demon Survivors
Stereo Boy
The Cold Forest
Luna Sky RDX
Koa: The Forgotten Gods
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy this issue.
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Lukather's Trove 🕹
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