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Management/Tycoon games @ Lukather's Trove 🕹 - Issue #1

Lukather's Trove 🕹
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What’s Lukather’s Trove?
In the first place is the name of a ‘to-be’ (yes, I still have to go live with the first episode) series on my YouTube Channel (subs if you haven’t yet!
The idea is to show you some indie gems that you could have missed.
Playing now!
This is my managerial/tycoon phase so I’m fancy to play this kind of game now. I got a couple of suggestions for you:
City of Gangster is a management tycoon game set in the US during the prohibition era (1920 circa). We play as novice gangsters, starting from a small basement brew operation and trying to grow up and conquer the whole city.
At the beginning of each game, we are the stranger in town and we need to grow our business by talking with the citizens, asking them for favours and selling our ‘products’.
As soon as we grow up we’ll be able to recruit fellows to help us run the business. The UI is excellent and it’s easy peasy to sets the routine that our gangs must follow (bribe, buy materials needed for brewing, sell the products, etc..).
There’s a lot of micromanagement but that’s not negative at all, it actually is management heaven. The game runs in turns (days), during each turn we can do limited actions and movements, and the limitations can be raised by levelling up. Check it by yourself with the link below!
A small part of the city.
A small part of the city.
City of Gangsters on Steam
Another game I’ve played a little bit and want to play more in the next few days is Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up.
Is an isometric subway/underground station builder in which we will build and operate a tube station from scratch in the crowded city of Lubdon. Our goal is to make people’s lives better and let them commute with less hassle as possible.
Maps are procedurally generated and this could lead to some interesting layouts that will push us to create the best and most efficient routes from the exit to the platform. We need to build staff rooms, utility areas, and control rooms and instruct the staff where to stand to be as efficient as possible. We also have to take care of our employees, they need chairs, food, water and time off work to avoid them becoming nervous wrecks.
The art is colourful and cherished but doesn’t be fooled by it, this game is extremely challenging. For the seasoned tycoon game lover, it will be an epiphany.
Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up on Steam
You can try also...
Rise of Industry
Rise of Industry on Steam
Rise of Industry on Steam
Good Company
Good Company on Steam
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy this issue.
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